Located in "Petite Camargue" between an old hand of the Rhône (called today the dead Rhône of Saint Roman) dried up in 1500 and the sea, the estate of Figueirasse hold its name from the fig- tree At the end of the 19th century, vines were devastated by phylloxera but those in sandy soils were resisting.So, "Petite Camargue" having that specific terroir, vines were planted and, thanks to the viticulture, the estate of Figueirasse took then another size. In those days, it was a 20 hectares property.
Saumade family, landowner since 1905, started to increased the planted surface by leveling land on 30 hectares more and doubled the cellar capacity. Along the years, a full modern winemaking equipment was installed in the estate of Figueirasse, which can today produce top quality "Vins des Sables". Its soil The Estate owns today 55 hectares of vines with a very special terroir : wholly made of sand from wind erosion, poor and drainig soil, but with a good qualitative capability. Close to the sea, less than 200 meters, which, thanks to humid sea-breezes, allows the vines to well resist to the summer drought.