Red wines
The mechanical harvest allows a quick picking of well matured grapes avoiding any astringency phenomenon. Then, a complete de-stemming of the vintage will keep only the grape berries for long maceration to come.Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks in order to better control its temperature.The maceration can last one month or more to obtain sensitive and merged tannins. The pneumatic pressing of the fermented grapes priviliges finesse and roundness in our wines.Later on, wines will be matured in coated concrete tanks or, for our best Merlot and Cabernet vintages, in wooden barrels for 12 months.

White and rose wines
The white and grey grapes are harvested mechanically but at a lower ripeness level which will promote the freshness (slight acidity) as the fruity taste.After the de-stemming, follows a direct pneumatical pressing where last presses will be removed to prevent a too significant astringency.Following that, musts are cooled to 12°C, settled 48 hours later and yeasted for a long fermentation at 16/18°C to keep best aromas. 2 months later, wines filtration will be place.

Located in a coastal area between Montpellier and Nîmes, with 55 hectares of vines in one land piece, its soil is propicious to the growing of a large vine variety, and specially Merlot. Benefiting from a temperate Mediterranean climate on a clayey- limestone soil, the vineyard gets advantage in summer from an excellent marine humidity.

To get a larger surface exposed to the sun, vines are arranged on trellis. Also, removing green bunches of grapes and disbudding allow a better grapes ventilation. Those conditions enable us to get wines with a better suppleness in tannins, with fruitier aroma and with an excellent mouth richness.